The Bohemian Forest Museum

One of the most valuable exhibits you can see in the Bohemian Forest Museum is a collection of late Gothic sculptures dating back to the turn of the 15th and 16th century including but not limited to wood carvings by an anonymous master of the Mourning over the Dead Christ from Zvíkov that belongs to the best works of the Czech late Gothic, as well as a collection of Bohemian Forest glass including Art Nouveau vases manufactured in Klášterský Mlýn at Rejštejn, examples of folk art or a collection of Bohemian Forest motifs paintings and graphics, paintings by Otakar Nejedlý, Josef Krejsa, Vincenc Beneš, Alois Moravec and others. Folk art glass underpaintings from Kvilda, original fork wood carvings or unique Bohemian Forest “dead man boards” reap permanent admiration.

In addition to zoology, botany, geology and nature protection related exhibits, the permanent natural science exhibition depicts all individual natural environments (biotopes) of the Bohemian Forest landscape. Special attention is paid to farming, wood processing, glass production, gold ore mining objects, folk products, culture and art in the history department of the museum. Objects relating to the gold mining and processing, production of wooden wire, folk Christmas crib or documents depicting the life of Bohemian Forest “men of the world” – circus performers are a curiosity.

The museum organises thematic seasonal exhibitions on regular basis.

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