When it's unfriendly outside

If the sun does not shine at the moment, dense fog is everywhere and you cannot see the scenic landscape through drain drops, you will perhaps appreciate the following hints.

Go and see museums , the biggest cabinet Christmas crib in the town hall in the Czech Republic. Municipal Cultural and Information Centre located in the same building will give you some leisure tips. You may decide to choose some activity from the town culture events programme or go to see the town sights


The multi-purpose sport hall

In the hall, you can rent individual sport facilities and try sports like: badminton, tennis, soccer, floor ball, futnet, fitness workouts and much more.

CONTACT | Vimperská 230, Kašperské Hory | +420 608 583 596 | sport@kasphory.cz

The sport hall web site

The Information Centre and Environmental Education Centre of the National Park Bohemian Forest

The information centre is designated for all visitors´ age cohorts. In particular children love knowledge verification tests and many various wooden puzzle kits. The centre organises lectures on travels, creative workshops and interesting discussions.

CONTACT | Sušická 399, Kašperské Hory | +420 376 582 734 | iskhory@npsumava.cz

The information centre web site

The Bohemian Forest herb spa

The only spa facility in the Czech Republic offering a unique conjunction of spa, nature, Earth energy and history. Reserved for adults, only.

CONTACT | Náměstí 4, Kašperské Hory | +420 376 582 592 | recepce@parkhotel-sumava.cz

The spa web site