The Historic Motorcycles Museum

A private collection of motorcycles and bikes that ranks among the biggest historic motorcycle exhibitions in the Czech Republic. You will find here a number of world-unique exhibits that have been often preserved in a single copy such as JAC 500, Wagner motorcycle and others. But laymen, too, will enjoy the exhibits as they are sure to be astonished by the longest ever manufactured three-seat motorcycle in the world – Čechie. The motorcycle collection is complemented by a collection of historic bicycles including the “Penny Farthing Wheel” by Kohout from 1870. The museum is located in an atypical old loft with the truss height 14.5 m that is an example of a chef d'oeuvre of Bohemian Forest carpenters.

CONTACT | Vimperská 12, Kašperské Hory | GPS 49°8'39.740"N, 13°33'24.172"E | +420 606 737 041 |

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