We are happy that you plan coming to the Bohemian Forest/Kašper­ské Hory.

Below you will find the recommended best access routes to our town.
And the hints where to park your “motor pet” after you arrive to our town to avoid your holiday becoming too expensive.

By car to Kašperské Hory

By bus or train

This combination can be used to come to Kašperské Hory, too. The closest train station is in the town of Sušice at the distance of approx. 17 km. From there, take a bus that will take you right to the square of Kašperské Hory.

Parking in the town

  • Kašperské Hory square| Two parking meters are available in the square. The first is located in the centre of the upper part of the square at the police station. The other is in the bottom part of the square below the church of St. Margaret at the corner of Museum and Gallery building | Parking rate: CZK 10 for the first 30 minutes, |CZK 20 for one hour, CZK 10 for every other hour
  • The Sušická street parking| A temporary parking located opposite the Information centre of the Bohemian Forest National Park some 350 m from the centre. The parking is free of charge.

A parking lot is available close to the Kašperk castle

This castle parking is situated at the distance of 4.5 km from the town centre. Go east from the square towards Vimperk and turn left at the end of the town. Just follow direction signs to the Kašperk castle.

A parking meter is available at the parking | The all-day price for cars is CZK 60, the all-day price for the bus it CZK 200